Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor is a tool that allows you to add or edit content, images, links, and other components on the page without having to know any code. It displays the content and any formatting as it would display in the browser. The rich text editor toolbar functions resemble that of a word processor, with limitations.

NOTE: Sitecore has a 60 minute session timeout. This means if you are not working in Sitecore for 60 minutes straight, your session will timeout and Sitecore will automatically log you out. Any changes you made that were NOT saved, will be lost.

When working in the Rich Text Editor (RTE), the Sitecore session timeout continues it's countdown because Sitecore does not recognize your activity. To ensure your content is saved and you do not get logged out after 60 minutes when working in the RTE, select the Accept button at the bottom of the screen (exiting you out of the RTE) and then select the Save Save icon icon.

  • Read up on Writing for the Web - best practices and standards on writing and formatting content, images, tables, etc.
  • More advanced users that know HTML can view the content in Code View by selecting the HTML tab at the bottom of the editor.

Rich Text Editor


Rich Text Editor Toolbar Functions

search iconFind and Replace

Cut iconCut

Copy iconCopy

Paste iconPaste

Paste Plain Text iconPaste Plain Text (strips all formatting from any text you copied from elsewhere)

Paste from Word iconPaste from Word, strip font

Undo iconUndo

Redo iconRedo

Format Strip iconFormat Stripper

Table iconInsert Table Wizard

Bold font iconBold Font

Italic Font iconItalic Font

Underline Font iconUnderline

Align Left iconAlign Left

Align Center iconAlign Center

Align Right iconAlign Right

Numbered List iconNumbered List

Bullet List iconBullet List

Indent iconIndent

Outdent iconOutdent

Subscript iconSubscript

Superscript iconSuperscript

Spellcheck iconSpellcheck

Insert Sitecore Link iconInsert Sitecore Link

Insert Sitecore Media iconInsert Sitecore Media

Remove Link iconRemove Link

Hyperlink Manager iconHyperlink Manager

Insert Symbol iconInsert Symbol