Inserting $XQ (Include) Content onto Pages

If you are wanting to insert (or "include") content from one specific page to another, what was called the $XQ code in the DSF System, here are the steps to complete.

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the content you want to include on another page.
  2. Select the Lock and Edit link in the yellow message bar to edit the page properties.
    Yellow Message Bar - Lock and Edit
  3. Scroll down to the DSF Legacy Fields section and copy the 6-digit DSF Legacy Question_ID number.
    • If you do not have write access to the page, simply make note of the number.
      $XQ or Include field screenshot
  4. Check In (Unlock) the page. No need to save changes since you did not make any.
  5. Navigate to the other page you would like to include the content on.
  6. Select the Lock and Edit link in the yellow message bar to edit the page.
  7. Scroll down to the Base Data section and select the Show Editor link under the Content HTML section to launch the Rich Text Editor (RTE).
  8. Select the HTML tab at the bottom left of the RTE to view the HTML code.
  9. Insert the 6-digit DSF Legacy Question_ID number copied from the other page in the following form format example:
    Inserting Include code or $XQ code
  10. Exit the RTE by selecting the Accept button.
  11. Save your changes. NOTE: The code will still show as until you preview the page.
  12. Preview the page to see the included content display.
  13. Publish the page.

This include process works for one level, meaning content is pulled in from one page to another page but will not work or multiple levels.