Lock and Unlock Items

It is important to understand the Lock and Unlock process with Sitecore. When editing an existing item, you must Lock (check out) the item to edit it, except when creating an item where it opens automatically locked.

Items that you publish will automatically be checked in (Unlocked) to the System.


NOTICE: An item can be unlocked by a System Administrator, regardless if locked by a Content Author, Approver, or another System Administrator.


Locking Individual Items

When editing an existing item, you can unlock it from the Content Editor by selecting the Lock and Edit link from the yellow message bar.

Yellow Message Bar - Lock and Edit


Unlocking Individual Items

You can unlock a single item by selecting the Edit Edit icon icon from the Content Editor Ribbon on the Home tab then the Check In Check in icon option from the drop down.

Check In or Unlock a Page


Unlocking (Check In) Multiple Items

You can see all of your checked out (locked) items from the My Items My Items icon icon located on the Review tab in the Content Editor Ribbon.

  1. Select the My Items icon.

    Check In all items

  2. The My Items dialog box will appear.

    My Items Dialog Box

    • Select the pages you wish to Unlock. Selected pages will have a blue highlighted background.
    • Select the Unlock button to Unlock only those pages selected.
    • Select the Unlock All button to Unlock all pages listed.
    • Select the Close button to exit from the My Items dialog box.

TIP: If the dialog box continues to show pages in the list after you have selected them to be unlocked, select the Close button, then reopen the My Items dialog box. There should be no pages listed now.