Publishing an Item

As a System Administrator, you have the ability to Publish items to the website using the Publish Content Publish icon icon. This Publish function will publish the following items:

  • Content Folders
  • Navigation Items
  • Homepage Sections
  • Dynamic Lists
  • Blurbs
  • Images
  • Document Files

NOTE: This Publish Content function does NOT apply to Pages assigned a workflow. To publish a page with a workflow, visit the By-Pass Approval Process.

Need to know what and when to publish?


Publish Content Method

  1. From the ribbon, select the Publish tab.
    Content Editor Ribbon: Publish tab
  2. Select the Publish Content Publish icon icon.
  3. A Publish Item window will open with publishing options. Ensure the following options are selected:
    • Smart Publish - This will publish all new changes made.
    • Publish subitems - This will publish all pages under a folder.
    • Publish related items - This will publish any dependent files linked to page(s) being published, such as images and document files.
    • Publish language: English
    • Publish targets: Internet (web)
    Dialog Box - Publish Item

  4. Select Publish.
  5. A confirmation window will open asking if you are sure you want to publish the items.
    Dialog Box - Confirm Publish

  6. Select OK.
  7. A dialog box will appear indicating items are being published. Once complete, it will show the results.
    Dialog Box - Publish Complete

  8. Select Close when done. The item(s) is now published.



What and When to Publish

Publishing needs to happen when one of three actions take place to an item: creation, modification, or deletion. A majority of items require a manual publish by the System Administrator while some are automatically published once approved. Below is a breakdown:

The following items are automatically published:

  • Approved Pages
  • Images and Document files inserted on an Approved Page


The following items require manual publishing by the System Administrator:

Content Folders

Agency Navigation

Dynamic Lists

Blurbs (External Links)

Pages (not assigned a workflow)

Images and Documents

Content Approver Lists

Friendly URLs

Recycle Bin Restore

* Changes to any of the following actions include updates to content, hyperlinks, metadata, teaser/description, page file/title name, document/image file name, tagging, images, alt. text on an image, and dynamic list filtering options.