Creating a New Page

When creating a new page, there are several templates to choose from.

NOTE: If you are a Lift-and Shift Agency, you will use the DSF Legacy Template to create a page.

  1. Log into Sitecore.
  2. Select the Content Editor Content Editor icon icon from the Platform screen to launch the Content Editor.
  3. Using the Content Tree, navigate to the folder where you wish to insert a page.
    Content Editor Content Tree

  4. Select the folder name and right-click it. A dropdown of options will appear listing the page template options to choose from.
    Content Tree: Insert a page
    • If you are a Lift-and-Shift agency, you will see the DSF Legacy Page option to choose from.
      Content Tree: Insert a Page
  5. Select Insert and then the template option from the list.
  6. Your newly created page will display in the content area and is now checked out (locked) and ready for editing. To complete the page creation process, you will need to: