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Replacement of Retaining Walls along U.S. Rte. 44, Norfolk

Administered by DOT District 4 Construction

The purpose of the project is to stabilize the northern slope along Route 44 for the safety of the highway. The project is needed because the integrity of the existing rubble masonry walls has been compromised and are at risk of failure. The project involves the replacement of three dry rubble masonry retaining walls with two retaining walls. US Rte. 44 will also be reconstructed to provide 12-foot travel lanes, 5-foot shoulders and a 6-foot buffer between the shoulder and the walls. The project also includes a reconstructed drainage system to accommodate Center Cemetery sheet flow and proposed roadway improvements.  


Public Information Meeting (Design) Recorded Presentation, held August 26, 2021:

0097-0095 Design Public Info Recording August 2021

Please note that the current design exhibits changes in the design from the PIM presentation provided in 08/2021. The design changes include the shifted size and location of Retaining Wall (Site No. 2) shown on the typical section of Retaining Wall (Site No. 2), the full acquisition of 59 Old Colony Road to construct Retaining Wall (Site No. 2) and revised drainage improvements.  


Additional Resources:

0097-0095 Current Color Rendered Plan

0097-0095 Typical Section Retaining Wall (Site No. 1) 

0097-0095 Typical Section Retaining Wall (Site No. 2)  



CTDOT is pleased to announce a Construction Open House on Thursday May 16, at 6 p.m. at the Norfolk Foundation Hub. (2 Station Place, Norfolk). The purpose of this informal meeting is to meet the Construction team and offer the opportunity to address questions about the construction project. We look forward to meeting you!