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Welcome to the webpage for Project 0041-0121, Replacement of Bridge 00853, in the Town of East Hampton.

A Virtual Public Information Meeting (VPIM) was held for the project on October 5, 2023. The recording of that event can be accessed at the Virtual Public Information Meeting Video Library. Scroll down that page to find the video.

The video is also available on this YouTube Channel. (8) State Project No. 0041-0121 Replacement of Route 16 Bridge over the Salmon River in East Hampton - YouTube

Report of Meeting from Virtual Public Information Meeting: 0041-0121_ROM_VPIM

The purpose of the project is to is to address the structural deficiencies of State Bridge No. 00853, which carries Route 16 over the Salmon River in the town of East Hampton, and to provide a structure that accommodates safe travel for all facility users. The replacement bridge will be a steel plate girder structure with integral abutments. The proposed bridge will be a single span structure and have a span length of approximately 150 feet, eliminating the center pier. It also includes a widening of the roadway to provide a 32-foot curb-to-curb width.

There are right-of-way impacts anticipated with the proposed improvements. These impacts include temporary construction easements on each side of the bridge.

Construction is anticipated to begin April of 2026 based on the availability of funding, acquisition of rights of way, and approval of permit(s).  The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $10,000,000. This project is anticipated to be undertaken with 100% state funds during the construction phase.

The proposed project plans can be viewed here: 0041-0121_VPIM-Colored-Plans.pdf (

Please note that the project email previously posted will not be monitored at the conclusion of the Virtual Public Information Meeting. Questions should be addressed to Customer Care at, please include the project number when making inquiries.


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