Rail Property & Utilities Unit

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The Office of Rail manages 320+mi of state-owned railroad right-of-way.  The Rail Property and Utilities Unit processes all requests to enter upon, access, use, install utilities and/or other facilities on rail property and manages contract development.  A license or entry permit must be obtained from the Office of Rail prior to any entry upon, access, use or installation of any utilities or facilities within state-owned railroad right-of-way.

To determine if your project is within state-owned railroad right-of-way, refer to the “Owner” column on The Connecticut Rail Transportation Ownership and Service Map.  The map also shows the location of privately-owned railroad right-of-way and the railroads that operate passenger and freight service in Connecticut.  Projects located within state-owned railroad right-of-way or that include at-grade railroad crossings must be submitted to the Office of Rail for review.  

If your project is not within the state-owned rail right-of-way, please refer to the Connecticut Rail Transportation Ownership and Service Map and contact the corresponding railroad.  Contact information can be found here:  Operator Contacts


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