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Any entry upon state railroad property for any purpose must first be authorized by CTDOT RAIL and the Railroad, if applicable.  Written authorization from CTDOT may be obtained by applying for a License Agreement.  Application forms are accessible via the link provided below.

CTDOT Rail can no longer issue temporary access agreements and a full License agreement is required for all access to State-owned Railroad property. Work cannot begin until a fully executed license agreement is obtained and all railroad requirements are met. A License Agreement has an initial standard term equal to five (5) years with options to renew, if necessary, for two (2) additional five (5)-year terms based upon the type of occupation or installation on the railroad property and current and future transportation requirements.

All completed applications for Licenses must include the following:

  1. The non-refundable application fee of $250 made payable to the State of Connecticut;
  2. The property description i.e. latitude and longitude with aerial map, such as google maps or similar of the proposed worksite; and
  3. A detailed description of the scope of work to be performed on railroad property.  This includes any equipment needed to preform the work and an estimated schedule. 

If any of these items on the application are incomplete it will delay the approval of your application.

Upon receipt a completed application, CTDOT RAIL will determine the engineering review requirements. Engineering Review Fees may be found on the Rate Card Schedule for Utility Occupations or the Rate Card Schedule for Non-Utility OccupationsGenerally, a minimum $500 engineering review fee for residential land use and a minimum $2,000 review fee for installation of any utility or structure is required. The engineering plans, mapping and scope of work provided with your application is reviewed by CTDOT and the operating Railroad to determine the impact your proposal may pose to any existing conditions on railroad property and to current or future public transportation projects.  THE ENGINEERING REVIEW AND ANALYSIS MAY TAKE UP TO 8 WEEKS TO COMPLETE DEPENDING ON THE LOCATION AND OCCUPATION TYPE.

Upon completion of the engineering review CTDOT RAIL will utilize the RAIL Rate Card to determine the annual license fee for the proposed land use or utility occupation on state owned rail property.  The minimum annual fee is $500 for limited agricultural/single residential type land use occupations and the minimum annual fee for utility occupations is $5,000. In addition, the administrative cost to prepare the License document is a one-time fee equal to $2,000. 

The current License agreement template is currently being updated.  CTDOT RAIL will use the template to develop the License agreement based upon the information submitted in the completed application.  This template must be reviewed by the CTDOT RAIL Legal unit, the CT Attorney General’s Office, and the CT Office of Policy and Management. Due to varying priorities, the License agreement review process can take from 6 TO 12 MONTHS to be completed. Once the review process is completed, the draft License can be forwarded to the applicant for review and signature. Once executed by the applicant, the document and all attachments including the required certificate of insurance must be sent to: 4 Brewery Street, 4th Floor, New Haven, CT 06511 or DOT.RailProperties@ct.gov.

Upon receipt of all documents, the License shall be processed in accordance to all administrative and statutory approval requirements which is estimated to take approximately 6-8 weeks.   

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