Section 5311 Program

The Section 5311 program makes federal funds available for the development, implementation, and promotion of public transportation systems in rural and small urban areas.  The Connecticut Department of Transportation's State Management Plan (SMP) describes the Department's policies and procedures for administering the Section 5311 program.  It is designed to assist current and potential Section 5311 subrecipients in fulfilling federal and state requirements under the program.

The SMP has been updated to reflect changes noted in the latest Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Circular 9040.1G "FORMULA GRANTS FOR RURAL AREAS: PROGRAM GUIDANCE AND APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS" dated October 24, 2014.

The Section 5311 Subrecipient application has been developed to assist eligible subrecipients in applying for operating, administrative, capital, and/or technical assistance under this program.  The information provided by the applicant is intended to justify their request for funding.  It is used by CTDOT to evaluate all proposed projects and to complete its application to FTA.

Eligible subrecipients of Section 5311 funding may include:  State Agencies, Local Public Bodies, Transit Districts, Private Nonprofit Organizations, Regional Planning Agencies, Indian Tribes and Groups, and Operators of Public Transportation Services.  Private for-profit operators of transit or paratransit services may participate in the program through contracts with eligible applicants.
Section 5311 State Management Plan (PDF) (November, 2019)

Section 5311 Four Year Grant Application July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2028 (MS Word) (January, 2024)

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