Mobility Ombudsmen (Assistance Getting Around CT)

Mobility Ombudsmen in Connecticut connect seniors, veterans and people with disabilities with accessible, reliable transportation so that they are able to participate in their communities.  In our state, a key goal of the program is to identify gaps and barriers to public transportation that prevent individuals from using existing services. 

Once the gaps have been uncovered, we work with our partners from the transportation and social service communities to find creative solutions. Essentially, we are creating a “one-stop shop” where people can find transportation that will meet their needs.

You can find out more about the regional Mobility Ombudsmen programs in the state using the links below.

Regional Programs

North Central (Greater Hartford)
Eastern (Greater Norwich & New London)
South Central (Greater New Haven & Middletown)
Southwest (Greater Bridgeport & Stamford)
Northwest (Greater Danbury & Waterbury)
475-298-3103 (website coming soon)
Local Programs
Rides for Ridgefield
Getting on Board Accessible Transportation Guides

Getting On Board guides are regionally produced documents intended to be comprehensive guides to accessible transportation resources in a particular region. Guides have been produced for all five areas of the state (Southwest, Northwest, South Central, East and North Central).

These guides are made available on this site as large Acrobat PDF files and are generally not convenient for printing. Please contact CTrides for printed copies by calling 1-877-CTrides (1-877-287-4337) or visiting

Getting On Board - Northwest CT
Getting On Board - Southwest CT
Additional Resources