Household Goods Movers with a Certificate to operate from CTDOT

2024 HHG Roster - this list is searchable by town, name, certificate number, or any of the columns.

This list is current as of the date it is published, please call 860-594-2865 if you have further questions.

Before making a final selection of a Mover to assist you, we suggest that you conduct an on-line search for customer satisfaction ratings, and consult the Better Business Bureau, as well as your realtor.

Damages are usually covered in most contracts by weight, not dollar value. The usual rate is $.60 (sixty cents) per pound. So for example a $1000 (one thousand dollars) hutch weighing 200 pounds that was damaged would have a possible maximum coverage of only $120 (one hundred twenty dollars). Additional insurance can be purchased, and make sure that the additional insurance appears on the contract before signing.

Most contracts are based upon an estimate, and are subject to substantial increases on the day of moving based upon volume, staffing, time, weight, and equipment. The majority of the issues on moving day are related to increase costs over the estimate. Protect yourself: require the Mover to provide a binding quote. A binding quote will provide a firm cost that you can expect to pay on moving day.

Note that CTDOT has jurisdiction ONLY over Household Goods Movers who have a Certificate to operate from CTDOT.