CTpass Program

CTpass is a new program that was created to support workforce development, as well as to increase access to employment, educational opportunities, and training programs using Connecticut’s bus public transportation system. The program was created as a result of state legislation passed in 2022. It will allow eligible organizations to apply for 31-day local bus passes at a 10% discount per pass.

Who is eligible for CTpass

The following organizations and classifications of organizations and sectors of work can apply for participation in the CTpass program:   

The above organizations apply for passes on behalf of its members which can be employees, trainees, students or clients of an eligible and participating organization. Individual applications will not be accepted. 

What transit services are offered through CTpass

Bus passes for CTtransit and CTfastrak services including Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, New Britain, Bristol, Waterbury, Meriden and Wallingford divisions are currently available under the CTpass program. Only 31-day local bus passes are available for the discount through CTpass. CTtransit Express services are excluded at this time.

In the future, the CTpass program will be expanded to include services of other transit providers in the state. 

How many passes can be purchased under the CTpass program?  

There is no limit to the number of 31-day local bus passes which can be purchased under CTpass program. 

How can passes be distributed to your agency’s qualified individuals? 

It is at your agency’s discretion to determine how the passes are distributed to qualified individuals within your organization. Your agency can purchase physical 31-day local bus passes from CTtransit at a 10% discount and can distribute them to your qualified individuals at the same cost, a lower cost, or for free. 

* If you have any other creative ideas for receiving and distributing bus passes under the CTpass program to qualified individuals from your eligible organization, including potential hybrid ticketing options, please share them with us at the email listed below.

What comes next?  

CTpass application is currently open for eligible organizations


CTpass Application (Microsoft Forms version, rev. May, 2023)

Upon submittal of the application, CTDOT will review the information provided and be in contact for the next steps.  Any questions or requests for additional information about the CTpass program and application process may be emailed to DOT.CTpass@ct.gov.