Current Bus Capital Projects


Hartford Bus Administration, Maintenance and Storage Facility
The 30-year-old Hartford bus facility, which houses the largest division of CTtransit, is currently undergoing various rehabilitation/renovation projects.  A number of the Facility’s building systems and equipment are past their useful life and are in need of replacement.  In addition, with the start of CTfastrak and the expanded Express bus services in the greater Hartford area, modifications are required to facilitate the flow and storage of vehicles within the facility.  The restoration project will update the facility to current State Building Codes as well as support future service expansion.  Projects include parking lot expansion, bus lift replacement, fuel tank replacement, roof and mechanical systems replacement, electrical upgrades and other much needed facility improvements.

New Haven & Stamford Bus Administration, Maintenance and Storage Facility 
This project will purchase twelve (12) Battery Electric Buses with associated electrical modifications and charging infrastructure for both the CTtransit New Haven and Stamford facilities.  This project leverages $4.9 million in 2018 Volkswagen NOx Mitigation Trust funding, administered by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), with $10.2 million in CTDOT funding using a combination of FTA 5307 Federal funds and State matching funds for an estimated project value of $15.1 million. 
This competitive bid process will purchase 12 buses and charging equipment and is scheduled to be awarded in late 2019, with bus delivery estimated in the autumn 2020.  Electrical switchgear upgrades to accommodate overnight electric bus charging will be made at both CTtransit bus garages.  New charging equipment for overnight charging (up to eighteen (18) - 125 kW chargers are scheduled for installation, and potentially up to two (2) daytime opportunity chargers (500 kW each) may also be installed.  

Stamford Bus Administration, Maintenance and Storage Facility
The CTtransit Stamford facility is comprised of two separate structures, an Administration and Bus Storage Building, as well as a Bus Maintenance Building.  The facility had undergone a reconstruction project in the early 2000’s.  A facility condition assessment was conducted which determined the need for modifications to a number of the building’s systems and equipment in the facility.  Design for the rehabilitation/renovation project is underway.   In addition, preliminary design for the infrastructure and charging equipment is underway for the future deployment of a small number of electric buses to the facility.  The electric buses will serve Stamford and the surrounding area.

Greater New Haven Transit District, Administration, Maintenance and Storage Facility
A site for the Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) in North Haven has been purchased and the demolition and abatement of the existing buildings is underway.  This new state-of-the-art facility will include administrative offices and a paratransit bus maintenance/storage facility.  The facility will replace two smaller buildings currently in use on Sherman Avenue in Hamden.  The facility is in the preliminary design stage and will have the capacity to support the current operations of the Transit District in the greater New Haven area as well as for future service expansion.  The facility will be operated by the GNHTD.