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CTDOT Celebrates National Pollinator Week

June 19-25, 2023 is National Pollinator Week and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is highlighting ongoing efforts to help pollinators thrive. The CTDOT Pollinator Program was implemented in 2017 and has grown to 123 conservation areas comprised of approximately 205 acres of state right of way. The goal of the Pollinator Program is to provide critical habitats for pollinating insects, such as bees and monarch butterflies, through strategic plantings and vegetation management.

“Pollinators are important to our food supply and health of the environment, and we are proud to join the national effort to increase pollinator habitats on properties throughout Connecticut. We’re reclaiming these areas along the highways with wildflowers and vegetation to help protect pollinators that are at risk,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto. “Each year we’re identifying additional conservation areas that we can add to this program as part of our broader goals to create a more sustainable environment. However, our rights of way cannot provide the pollinators with everything they need. I encourage the public to join our efforts to help pollinators flourish in Connecticut.”

The CTDOT pollinator corridors are marked with conservation area signage and consist of warm season grasses, native wildflowers, and low-growing vegetation. They bloom in late June and continue through the summer months. Some examples of plants found in conservation areas include milkweed, goldenrod, joe pye weed, and aster. Varying species with staggered bloom time promotes biodiversity, healthy habitats, and increases the survival rate of pollinators in the area.

These corridors along the highways provide an extensive network for pollinators. Motorists traveling throughout Connecticut can see these corridors near highway ramps, medians, and along roadside shoulders. While the blooms are beautiful to see, motorists are asked not to stop on the highway to take photos or videos of the conservation areas.

For more information about the CTDOT Pollinator Program, visit Section 7 of the CTDOT Vegetation Management Guidelines.

For more information about National Pollinator Week and the importance of pollinators, visit pollinator.org.


purple aster flowers at Tolland conservation area


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