Contract Development

  • Prepares contract documents suitable for advertising through the review of plans and specifications
  • Ensures consistency, completeness, and compliance with State and Federal policies
  • Prepares the AASHTOWARE Proposal Estimate (AWP), PS&E Memorandum and Cost Data
  • Prepares contract addenda to previously advertised project(s) by incorporating revisions to the plans, specifications, proposal estimates and other miscellaneous documents
  • Maintains the Owned Special Provisions and Bid Item Master Files
Below you will find links to CTDOT's latest Standard Specifications, Owned Special Provisions (which are not to be altered without the owner's approval), instructions for creating Electronic Specifications, an English Bid Item List which can be used to find the item numbers, descriptions and costs used in the development of Proposal Estimates and Estimating Tools to help engineers develop item and project costs.
Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
Robert Foley
Transportation Supervising Engineer
Phone:(860) 594-3249

Contract Development Documents and Information

Specifications for Roads, Bridges, and Incidental Construction Form 816 English and Metric with Supplements / Form 817 English/Form 818 English

Owned Special Provisions This is a library of recurring special provisions for use on ConnDOT Projects.  These special provisions are not to be altered without the consent of the owner (author).

Instructions and Templates for Special Provisions This is a webpage dedicated to instructing engineers how to create special provisions in the required format with a link to the required template

Template for Addendum: Under Development

Master Bid Item Lists These following lists consist of bid item numbers, descriptions and pay units.
English Excel File    English PDF File (Updated 03/18/2024)
Weighted unit prices are also provided for items with sufficient bid histories. The unit prices are based on recent bid prices.  Because unit costs vary substantially by quantity, work type, location and prevailing competitive environment, these weighted unit costs may not be a reasonable basis for estimating costs.  These weighted unit prices are provided primarily for use by municipalities and other agencies that do business with CTDOT and who are not required to utilize AASHTO’S TRNS•PORT Estimator software for developing estimates.  Estimates for DOT projects should never be based on these unit prices.  Cost Estimates for Department projects should be prepared in accordance with the Cost Estimating Guidelines (2024) and the application of TRNS•PORT Estimator software.