How Do I...?


Find employment opportunities at DEEP?

Get involved?

Apply for grants?

How to obtain DEEP public records?

Apply for a permit?

Find a licensed professional?

Outdoor Recreation

Make a camping reservation?

Purchase a fishing or hunting license?

Know what the fishing regulations are?

Learn how to fish?

Know what the hunting regulations are?

Become certified to hunt or trap in Connecticut?

Tell if it’s safe to swim?

Volunteer at a State Park?

Find out when it is peak foliage? 

Natural Resources

Deal with nuisance or distressed wildlife?

Report a marine animal stranding?

Report a rare or listed species?

Find out about mosquitoes in CT?

Obtain a state forest firewood permit?

Apply for forestland classification?

Find a CT certified Forester near me?

Find out about assistance or advice available to help me manage my woodlot?

Get a self issued certificate of transport for my firewood?

Environmental Quality

Report an environmental concern or problem?

Dispose of…

Find out if there are sites that may be polluted in my town?

Clean up a leak from my residential home heating oil tank?

Obtain an open burning permit?

Know when it is okay to use my open burning permit?

Find out what I can recycle?

GrassCycle / Home compost?

Drive smart? (Help the environment with the car I drive)


Save money by becoming more energy efficient?

Obtain information on energy assistance programs?

Find energy star products?

Obtain energy price and supply information?

As a residential customer, obtain assistance in financing the installation of an energy efficient natural gas or heating oil burner, boiler or furnace?

Submit an online energy filing or view a previous filing?

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

Get information on docket #XX-XX-XX?

Contact "Call Before You Dig" (CBYD)?

Choose an electric supplier?

Get a listing of telecommunication providers?

Find out which water company serves my area?

Find out if I can get natural gas service?

File a complaint regarding my utility company?

Content last updated in January 2022.