Contribute Data to the Natural Diversity Data Base

The DEEP is interested in obtaining new and updated information for the Natural Diversity Data Base (NDDB) from Connecticut's citizens. Please submit field notes, photographs, and a map with detailed locations of state-listed species and critical habitats using either the Word, PDF, or online forms provided below. Submitted information will be reviewed and verifiable reports of species or communities will be added to the NDDB. Please include your address and telephone number on information sent to the NDDB.

Please Note: The removal of even one plant or animal can affect the population in certain areas. Therefore, specimens should not be collected, and collection is generally not allowed on state or private property without the proper permit.

Data Forms

Send data forms, maps, and photographs via email to or by mail to CT DEEP, Natural Diversity Data Base, 79 Elm Street, 6th Floor, Hartford, CT 06106.

Special Plant Survey Form - Word Form   PDF Form

Invertebrate Animal Survey Form - Word Form  PDF Form (Use this form to report animals without backbones, like insects, including butterflies, spiders, mussels, and others.)

Vertebrate Animal Survey Form - Word Form  PDF Form (Use this form for sightings of animals with backbones, like turtles, birds, snakes, frogs, salamanders, and mammals.)

NEW Online Form

Submit species observations using the CT NDDB Observations Survey123

More information and instructions on using Survey123


Scientific Collection Permit Application Forms

Content last updated March 2024.