Scientific Collector Permits

To increase the knowledge base on Connecticut's fish, wildlife, and plants, properly accredited people may apply to the CT DEEP for a permit to conduct research for scientific and educational purposes. The annual fee is $25 and permits may be issued for up to three consecutive years ($75). An annual report of findings is required.

Scientific Collection Permit Application Forms
  • Fish and Wildlife  Word Form   PDF Form (required on state and private lands for all species)
  • Plants (required on state lands for all species)

Sec. 26-60. The commissioner may grant to any properly accredited person not less than eighteen years of age, upon written application, a permit to collect fish, crustaceans and wildlife and their nests and eggs, for scientific and educational purposes only, and not for sale or exchange or shipment from or removal from the state without the consent of the commissioner. The commissioner may determine the number and species of such fish, crustaceans and wildlife and their nests and eggs which may be taken and the area and method of collection of such fish, crustaceans and wildlife under any permit in any year. The permit shall be issued for a term established by the commissioner in accordance with federal regulations and shall not be transferable. The commissioner shall charge an annual fee of twenty-five dollars for such permit. Each person receiving a permit under the provisions of this section shall report to the commissioner on blanks furnished by the commissioner, at or before the expiration of such permit, the detailed results of the collections made thereunder. Any person violating the provisions of this chapter or of the permit held by him shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 26-64, and, upon conviction of such violation, the permit so held by him shall become void

Content last updated May 2024