About the Natural Diversity Data Base

Yellow Lady's-slipper

The Natural Diversity Data Base (NDDB) is a program for the protection of Connecticut’s native biological diversity, with emphasis on our most vulnerable species and ecosystems. The NDDB maintains data collected over the years by the Connecticut Natural History Survey, cooperating units of DEEP, landowners, conservation groups, and the scientific community. Species abundance, viability, threat, and trend data are used to rank and determine which species qualify for protection under the State Endangered Species Act.

The Connecticut Natural Diversity Data Base works to protect rare plant and animal species at risk of extinction throughout the state by:

Questions? Contact the NDDB at deep.nddbrequest@ct.gov.
(Please note: General wildlife questions should be sent to deep.wildlife@ct.gov. Inquiries about hunting and trapping should be sent to deep.franklinwildlife@ct.gov.)

Content last updated in October 2022.