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Below is a list of active funding opportunities administered by DEEP. For more information on a specific program, please click the grant title link.


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Current Funding Opportunities:

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State Energy Program

Federal grant from US DOE which can be used to fund projects which promote energy efficiency, energy security, or environmentally friendly economic growth. Typical annual funding around $700k.  No maximum individual award limit.  Projects are selected by DEEP in alignment with goals of the Comprehensive Energy Strategy.

Application Deadline: Annually, in April
Contact: DEEP BETP |

Weatherization Assistance Program

Federal grant from US DOE to address weatherization and health and safety issues in homes for low-income residents.  Annual funding of about $3.7 million.  Roughly 80% of funds are passed through to local community action agencies who administer the program at the ground level.  Eligibility for customers is 60% SMI.

Application Deadline: Annually, in May
Contact: Brian Biernat | | (860) 827-2983

ConneCTed Communities Grant Program

ConneCTed Communities is a $40.8 million competitive grant program that will fund the construction and deployment of broadband infrastructure designed to support the goal of universal access to affordable, resilient, and reliable broadband. DEEP is seeking applications for grant funding to facilitate low-income and multi-family curb-to-home and business broadband infrastructure buildout in underserved areas that will result in service at speeds of at least 100 Mbps/100 Mbps. Eligible applicants include governmental entities, private for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and certain other organizations and partnerships.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024


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Urban Forestry Equity Grant Program

Through the Inflation Reduction Act, historic funding is available to state and local government entities, federally recognized tribes, and non-profit organizations to support urban forestry projects that will increase equitable access to trees and the benefits they provide in disadvantaged communities throughout Connecticut.

Application Deadline: April 17th, 2024
Contact: DEEP Forestry |


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The Land and Water Conservation Fund: Outdoor Recreation and Legacy Partnership Program

The ORLP Program is a nationally competitive grant program wherein Municipalities over 30,000 population and containing distressed communities (census tracts) per the Climate and Environmental Justice Screening Tool, or Regional Planning Groups applying on their behalf, may submit proposals for land acquisitions or improvements that will provide or improve recreational opportunities in those communities. 

Application Deadline: Projects must be submitted to CT DEEP no later than 11:59 PM March 01, 2024
Contact: Cameron Clegg |


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Federal Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Program

The BIG program provides annual matching federal grants to fund the creation of publicly accessible transient boating amenities such as docks, moorings bath facilities and other transient boater amenities for vessels 26’ and larger. Eligible applicants include public and private marinas, yacht clubs, boatyards, and municipal and state-owned facilities.  For Tier 1 - State projects, the maximum funding per project is $190,000. For Tier 2 - National projects, the maximum funding is $1.5 million per project. Grants provide up to 75% of the cost of each eligible project amenity, with a minimum of 25% matching funds being required from the individual grantees.

Application Deadline: Annually
Contact: Kate Hughes Brown | 860-447-4340 |

Federal Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Grant Program

The CVA program provides annual matching federal grants to fund the purchase, installation, repair/upgrade, operation and maintenance of recreational vessel marine sanitation facilities (pumpout facilities) and pumpout vessels. Eligible applicants include public and private marinas, yacht clubs, boatyards, municipal and state-owned facilities and pumpout vessel programs. Approximately $1 million in grants is available each year in Connecticut for CVA grants. Grants provide up to 75% of the cost of each project, with 25% matching funds being required from the individual grantees. 

Application Deadline: Annually
Contact: Kate Hughes Brown | 860-447-4340 |

Connecticut Recreational Trails Grant

Connecticut Recreational Trails Grant provide funding to any private nonprofit organizations, municipalities, state departments and tribal governments in support of recreational trail projects. $10 million dollars are available for grants in the 2024 grant round. Grant amounts vary, requests should be less than 1 million dollars.  Grants can pay up to 80% of total project costs, a 20% match is required.

Application Deadline: March 11, 2024
Contact: Kimberly Bradley |


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DEEP Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grants

Grants are awarded for projects that address Nonpoint Source impacts in surface waters including creation and implementation of approved Watershed Based Plans. Typical maximum awards are under $500,000 from a total available of approximately $1.2 million. Proposals may be submitted by any interested public or private organization.

Application Deadline: Annually



Content last updated March, 2024.