Regulations on the Movement of Firewood

Why the movement of all hardwood firewood, and not just ash firewood, is regulated and what these regulations entail

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive species that feeds exclusively on ash trees, leading to the death of the tree. In 2012, this insect was detected in areas of New Haven County. Since then, the insect has continued to spread and is now known to be in nearly all of the towns in Connecticut, and in all 8 counties. Unfortunately, research has shown that EAB is too well established in North America to be eradicated. However, there is good evidence that the rate of spread of new infestations can be significantly slowed when appropriate action is taken early.  

A major means by which EAB is spread is through the movement of infested ash firewood. State regulations now limit the movement of all hardwood firewood within Connecticut. 

State regulations are limited as to what they can say about the interstate movement of firewood. Movement of hardwood firewood into and out of state is more generally governed by USDA APHIS - the federal agency charged with plant and animal health. APHIS's regulations are very similar, however, to the state's regulations in their specific requirements.

As part of the state regulations, when transporting firewood within Connecticut, the person moving the firewood must have a document stating the origin and destination of the firewood. This can be accomplished through the use of a Self-Issued Firewood Transportation Certificate. The requirement for some type of certification applies whenever firewood is being moved.

These regulations, both state and federal, are summarized in a series of maps regarding the movement of firewood.

DEEP is committed to educating the public regarding these regulations and the quarantine. Questions may be submitted to the DEEP Division of Forestry at 860-424-3630 or Additional information is available through the DEEP EAB website. Also, visit the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station website or contact them at 203-974-8474 or

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Content last edited January 2021