Connecticut's Fall Foliage

Sleeping Giant
Sleeping Giant State Park            (Photo Courtesy of Friends of Sleeping Giant State Park)

Oak LeafCome and join us for some of autumn's best views! Oak Leaf

Foliage Information

Foliage season begins in late September and extends through early November. Peak color is estimated to be between October 3 and November 8. However, depending on the weather in the coming weeks, the peak date may be adjusted a few days earlier or later as the season progresses.

Current Foliage ReportWhere to View Fall Foliage in Connecticut

As a savvy foliage fan, it is important to know why we get such splendid colors in the fall. What most people do not know is that the leaves on the trees already possess these spectacular colors but they are hidden. Leaves contain a chemical substance called chlorophyll, the substance that gives leaves their inherent green color. As the season begins to turn colder, trees begin to block the flow of water to their leaves. Without water, the chlorophyll breaks down and vibrant colors are revealed in all their splendor.

The Colors of Fall  |  Why Leaves Change Color

Tips for All Leaf Peepers
  • If you are traveling a long distance to Connecticut or you plan on making a weekend out of your trip, make hotel reservations in advance. Visit the Connecticut Tourism Board webpage for more information about planning your trip.
  • Try to plan your trip during mid-week; you will find that roads are quieter giving you more opportunity to enjoy the views.
  • Make an adventure out of your trip, explore the State's back roads. Some of the best sights are off the beaten path.
  • Do not worry about missing "peak" color. You will still be able to enjoy a full array of colors that can be found before "peak".
  • Make time to explore some areas on foot. Hiking allows you to truly experience the foliage you have come to enjoy.

Current Foliage Report  |  Where to View Fall Foliage in Connecticut  | The Colors of Fall  |  Why Leaves Change Color