Campground Reservations

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The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) State Parks Division has a toll-free telephone and online system to reserve campsites, including those with rustic cabins, at state park and forest campgrounds.


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Reservations for all state campgrounds (excluding Youth Group Camping Areas and Backpack Camping Areas) are available online at Reserve America or by calling toll free 1-877-668-CAMP (2267) during the following hours:
May 1 – September 1
Monday - Wednesday: 8 am - 2:30 pm
Thursday - Friday: 8 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am - 12 pm
Off Peak Season (September 2 - April 30)
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 12 pm
Reservation Fees
Payment may be made by credit card, money order or travelers check when calling the toll-free number or by credit card online.
  • There is a $9.00 fee for making each reservation.
  • A $9.00 fee will also apply for cancellations or reservation changes.
  • Cabin reservations are subject to an additional 15% occupancy tax as required by state law.  A $50 refundable security deposit is also required for cabin reservations at check-in, payable at the campground office by cash or check.
  • Campsite and cabin nightly fees vary depending on parks, amenities, and other factors. Fees can be found at the State Park Camping Areas page or at


Reservation Window

Reservations are accepted 11 months in advance of the camping stay.  Reservations are accepted up to one day prior to arrival, with the exception of the campgrounds at Macedonia Brook State Park and Mashamoquet Brook State Park (including Mashamoquet Brook and Wolf Den campgrounds) which require reservations to be made at least 48 hours prior to the camping stay.   


Length of Stay

Minimum Stay:  There is a two-night minimum stay required for all camping reservations with the following exceptions:

  • some cabins require a longer minimum stay (noted on the State Park Camping Areas page when required) 
  • reservations made within 24-72 hours (1-3 days) of arrival may be made for one night at all campgrounds except Macedonia Brook, Mashamoquet Brook and Wolf Den
    • at Macedonia Brook State Park campground, a two-night minimum stay is always required, and the minimum reservation window is 48 hours prior to arrival.
    • at Mashamoquet Brook State Park (Mashamoquet Brook and Wolf Den campgrounds), a one-night stay may be reserved, and the minimum reservation window is 48 hours prior to arrival. 

Cabins require a two-night minimum stay at all campground locations except:

  • Hopeville Pond State Park: 3 night minimum
  • Rocky Neck State Park: 7 night minimum, Sunday – Sunday only
  • Hammonasset Beach State Park: 7 night minimum, Sunday – Sunday only

Maximum Stay:  There is a maximum stay of 21 consecutive days at Hammonasset Beach State Park and Rocky Neck State Park.  All other campgrounds have a maximum stay of 14 consecutive days, with the exception of river-access campsites, which allow a maximum stay of one night.  

Between stays, all campers, including all occupants of the site, as well as all camping equipment, must leave the campground for 5 days.  Leaving camping equipment (i.e. campers, RVs, etc,) at state campgrounds for back-to-back reservations is not permitted, even if used by different occupants.  During this mandatory five-day interim period, all camping equipment must be removed from the campground, and may not be transferred to other sites to be used by other occupants.  All occupants must also leave the park for five days and may not stay on other sites within the campground during this time.  The camping areas within Pachaug State Forest and Hopeville Pond State Park shall be considered one campground.   

For current season opening and closing dates, please refer to the State Park Camping Areas page.  
Reservation Changes

Reservation changes occurring prior to check-in must be requested and processed through Reserve America online or by phone at 1-877-668-2267.  Campground staff cannot make any changes to your reservation prior to check-in.  

For all reservation changes, including site/date changes:

  • A $9.00 reservation change fee will apply to any date or site changes prior to checking in at the campsite.
  • Customer and/or primary occupant name changes, as well as park-to-park transfers, are not permitted. The reservation will need to be cancelled and a new reservation with the name change is needed, and all applicable reservation and cancellation fees will be charged.
  • Changing sites at the campground after check-in is not guaranteed but may be possible depending on site availability. Campground staff can assist with site changes after check-in on the day of arrival, but cannot process any changes to reservations prior to check-in.
Cancellations and Refunds
Customers must contact Reserve America online or by phone at 1-877-668-2267 for all cancellations and refunds requested up to 2 days prior to arrival.  Campground staff cannot process cancellations or issue refunds.  

For cancellations, refund amounts will be determined by the following:  

  • More than 7 days prior to scheduled arrival – Reserve America will issue a full refund minus reservation fee ($9)*
  • Between 2-7 days prior to scheduled arrival – Reserve America will issue a full refund minus reservation fee ($9) and cost of one night of camping*
  • Less than 2 days prior to scheduled arrival – no refunds will be issued.  
    *A $9 cancellation fee also applies to all refunds issued by Reserve America.

When making reservations, customers must agree to our cancellation and refund policies and are provided the opportunity to review site amenities and our general campground policies. It is the customer’s responsibility to abide by these policies, therefore, we recommend that customers read through all information carefully, prior to booking, to ensure that all reservation details are correct. Refunds will not be issued for accidental bookings, failure to confirm site details or amenities, failure to read and/or abide by our general camping and campground-specific policies, no-shows, early departures or shortened stays, or cancellations occurring within two days of scheduled arrival. 

If customers have any issues or concerns during the stay, it is encouraged to notify the campground or park staff as soon as possible. For issues occurring after hours, or when campground staff is not available, customers may call DEEP dispatch at 860-424-3333.

As with many recreational activities, weather conditions are an assumed risk that campers accept as a normal part of the outdoor experience.  Therefore, dissatisfaction for reasons of weather, site or campground conditions, or other natural phenomena is not considered sufficient cause for granting a refund.  Refunds may be approved only in limited, specific circumstances, such as the death or serious illness of the primary occupant, closure of the campground or a campsite being closed for hazards or other maintenance needs as determined by the park supervisor. In these limited circumstances that occur just prior to or during a camping stay, customers may submit a written refund request and accompanying documentation to the state park or forest supervisor where the campsite was reserved.  Written requests and the accompanying documentation will be reviewed by the park supervisor, and if approved, a refund check may be issued within 6-8 weeks.  The reservation fee and the cost of at least one night of camping will always be subtracted from any refund amount.  

Refund requests related to other extenuating circumstances that occur just prior to, or during, a camp stay must be submitted in writing, including all accompanying documentation, and sent to the state park or forest campground where the campsite was rented.  The campground will review requests and accompanying documentation, and will forward the request to the Department for review and consideration. 


Content Updated April 2023