Starting in May, electric and gas utilities began notifying residential customers with unpaid and/or past-due balances that if they do not take action and contact their utility to enroll in a payment plan, they are at risk of having their services terminated. If your household has received a notification from your utility company, please contact them directly to set up a payment plan to keep your services on. These plans charge no interest, and all customers qualify at least once for one or more of these plans. After engaging with utility providers, customers may also contact PURA’s customer affairs unit for specific questions regarding payment arrangements. View eligibility, utility contact information:

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) regulates three gas utilities that operate within Connecticut:

  • Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation,
  • The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, and
  • Eversource (formerly Yankee Gas Services Company).
Each of the gas utilities owns and operates a network of underground mains and services, referred to as a distribution system, that delivers natural gas to homes and businesses within their respective franchise area. Combined, they provide natural gas service to over 645,000 customers in 133 of the 169 towns in Connecticut. 
PURA approves customer rates that are used by each of the State’s three gas utilities. It also processes filings by the gas utilities that cover complex regulatory issues including: 
  • volatility of gas prices,
  • increased demand for gas,
  • gas supply,
  • constrained pipeline capacity into Connecticut,
  • availability and cost of liquid natural gas (LNG),
  • affiliate transactions,
  • transportation service,
  • cost-of-service,
  • rate design, and
  • revenue requirements. 
Natural gas deregulation
Natural gas deregulation in Connecticut:
  • Gave commercial and industrial customers the choice of selecting a PURA approved gas marketer or purchasing gas through the regulated utility that provides service to them. 
  • Does not apply to residential customers (single family homeowners) in Connecticut. The regulated public utilities are responsible for buying and delivering gas to residential customers.  
Since April 1996, firm transportation service has been available to commercial and industrial customers in the state. Transportation service allows customers to buy gas from third-party marketers but still have the regulated local utility company continue to deliver the gas.
For commercial and industrial customers, PURA maintains a list of approved gas marketers and each local distribution company (LDC) posts a list (with contact information) of gas marketers who are actively providing service to customers on their respective distribution system. 
Transmission Pipelines
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas companies (transmission pipelines).
Information on where natural gas comes from and how it is transported can be found on PURA’s Pipeline Safety Unit web pages.  PURA is committed to ensuring that gas transportation systems in Connecticut are designed, built, operated and maintained safely.

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