Industries We Regulate


The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is statutorily charged with regulating the rates and services of Connecticut's public utilities including the industries of electricity, gas and pipeline safety, water, cable, and telecommunications.





PURA is responsible for regulating the rates and services of Connecticut’s two investor-owned electric distribution companies (EDCs): The Connecticut Light and Power Company dba Eversource Energy (Eversource) and The United Illuminating Company (UI), in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations.



PURA regulates three gas utilities that operate within Connecticut, including Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, the Southern Connecticut Gas Company, and Eversource (formerly Yankee Gas Services Company).

The Authority is also responsible for gas pipeline safety in Connecticut. 


All filings submitted by the 10 investor-owned water companies in Connecticut are processed by PURA.


PURA oversees the offering of cable television and/or video services by community antenna television (CATV) companies and certified competitive video service providers, respectively. The Authority also supervises the funding for community advisory councils and the funding for and provision of community access programming.


PURA provides regulatory oversight of what is referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), which is the traditional, analog voice transmission over copper wires. This service, however, has been largely replaced as customers have migrated towards more sophisticated competitive services.