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PURA's Framework for an Equitable Modern Grid


Phase I
On October 2, 2019, PURA issued an Interim Decision in Docket No. 17-12-03, PURA Investigation into Distribution System Planning of the Electric Distribution Companies. The Interim Decision outlines the Authority’s framework for investigating methods for realizing an equitable modern electric grid in Connecticut, as well as for near-term and long-term plans to ensure continued developments to Connecticut’s electric grid through a biennial integrated distribution system planning process.

PURA established the following objectives for its Equitable Modern Grid Framework:

  1. Support (or remove barriers to) the growth of Connecticut’s green economy;
  2. Enable a cost-effective, economy-wide transition to a decarbonized future;
  3. Enhance customers access to a more resilient, reliable, and secure commodity; and
  4. Advance the ongoing energy affordability dialogue in the State, particularly in underserved communities.

Based on the foundational record established during Phase I of this proceeding, PURA identified eleven near-term topics to be investigated in three additional phases and associated time frames in order to realize the Framework’s objectives:

Phase II (beginning in the fourth quarter of 2019)

Phase III (beginning in the first half of 2020)

Phase IV


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