Unit Summary

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is divided into multiple offices, each of which specialize in the execution of different portions of PURA’s broad statutory authority and mission statement to ensure safe, adequate, and reliable utility service at reasonable rates.

As a division housed under the Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis, the Clean and Affordable Energy (CAE) unit is tasked with oversight of the statutory and public policy programs that seek to increase the deployment of clean energy and improve customer affordability, along with the associated regulatory ratemaking processes and mechanism. Further, CAE staff support the ongoing efforts of the Equitable Modern Grid (EMG) Framework to enhance customer access to clean and affordable service, in support of the state’s climate and renewable energy goals. Ultimately, CAE strives to increase the deployment of clean energy and improve customer affordability.

Supervisor of Technical Analysis: Stefanie Keohane

More information on new Clean Energy Programs launching in 2022

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CAE is dedicated to ensuring the affordability of energy in the state, particularly in underserved communities. This page houses information on assistance and hardship programs available throughout Connecticut.

Rate Mechanisms

CAE oversees the annual Rate Adjustment Mechanisms (RAM) and Conservation Adjustment Mechanism (CAM) proceedings and processes, both of which review costs and revenues associated with public policy and other costs paid by ratepayers and sets rates on a prospective basis.

Clean & Renewable Energy

CAE is dedicated to increasing the cost-effective deployment of clean and renewable energy across the state, with a focus on lowering barriers to entry and providing clean energy as a tool to enhance customer affordability and improve resilience in underserved communities. This page houses information on the state’s clean energy programs.

Grid Modernization
As part of the Equitable Modern Grid frameworkCAE works to support the growth of Connecticut’s green economy, enabling an economy-wide transition to a decarbonized future. This page houses information on the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure program, other EV programs and additional grid modernization dockets.

Utility Program Information and Links


Contact and Program Information

Residential Tariff Program Intake Channels:


Program WebsiteResidential Solar Incentives


United Illuminating:

Program WebsiteRenewable Energy Solutions


Interconnection specific questions and communications: generator.connection@uinet.com

Non-Residential Tariff Program Intake Channels:


Program WebsiteNon-Residential


United Illuminating:

Program WebsiteRenewable Energy Solutions

Email Contact: NRES@uinet.com

Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF)  

Shared Clean Energy Page (DEEP)

Shared Clean Energy Pilot Page (DEEP)

Eversource SCEF Program Information

UI SCEF Program Information

Program Manual

Electric Storage Program Intake Channels:

Connecticut Green Bank:




United Illuminating:

EV Program Intake Channels:


Program Website (residential)Electric Vehicles
Program Website (business): Electric Vehicles

Email ContactCTEVcharging@eversource.com


United Illuminating:

Program Website (residential): uinet.com/EVforHome

Email Contac(residential): HomeEV@uinet.com


Program Website (business): uinet.com/EVforBusiness

Email Contact (business): BusinessEV@uinet.com