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Activities Not Regulated by PURA

The following services and/or activities are not regulated by PURA:

  • Yellow Pages Advertising
  • Telephone equipment (such as PBX)
  • Anything to do with the Internet or computer services
  • Interstate telephone companies and rates
  • Calls to "900" numbers
  • False advertising claims
  • Fraud claims
  • Claims for damages no matter what the cause
  • Heating oil companies
  • Propane gas companies
  • Municipal water and electric companies such as Wallingford Electric or Metropolitan District Commission
  • Sewer charges including Water Pollution Control Authorities
  • Interstate trucking
  • Master antenna companies such as AMSAT
  • DBS/satellite companies such as DirecTV or DISH Network
  • Programming or channels carried by cable TV companies
  • Rates charged or products offered by cable TV companies
  • Solar Panel Installers or problems with solar panels after installation
  • Billing and services for cell phones, smart phones, or mobile phones