Until further notice, a Shut-off Moratorium is in place for all customers of utilities regulated by PURA. For more information contact your utility or Consumer Affairs. PURA COVID actions.

The Authority has indefinitely suspended the paper copy filing requirement. Anyone filing material with the Authority should file only an electronic copy through the PURA Web Filing System. The Authority is updating its paper copy filing requirements and will update its website shortly. Electronic Filing

Activities Not Regulated by PURA

The following services and/or activities are not regulated by PURA:

  • Yellow Pages Advertising
  • Telephone equipment (such as PBX)
  • Anything to do with the Internet or computer services
  • Interstate telephone companies and rates
  • Calls to "900" numbers
  • False advertising claims
  • Fraud claims
  • Claims for damages no matter what the cause
  • Heating oil companies
  • Propane gas companies
  • Municipal water and electric companies such as Wallingford Electric or Metropolitan District Commission
  • Sewer charges including Water Pollution Control Authorities
  • Interstate trucking
  • Master antenna companies such as AMSAT
  • DBS/satellite companies such as DirecTV or DISH Network
  • Programming or channels carried by cable TV companies
  • Rates charged or products offered by cable TV companies
  • Solar Panel Installers or problems with solar panels after installation
  • Billing and services for cell phones, smart phones, or mobile phones
Content last updated April 2016