Starting in May, electric and gas utilities began notifying residential customers with unpaid and/or past-due balances that if they do not take action and contact their utility to enroll in a payment plan, they are at risk of having their services terminated. If your household has received a notification from your utility company, please contact them directly to set up a payment plan to keep your services on. These plans charge no interest, and all customers qualify at least once for one or more of these plans. After engaging with utility providers, customers may also contact PURA’s customer affairs unit for specific questions regarding payment arrangements. View eligibility, utility contact information:

Document Services

Freedom of Information Act Compliance Policies

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is committed to making its public records available to the public as quickly and conveniently as possible. Thousands of PURA documents are available electronically on our website: These documents include PURA Decisions since the mid-1980s and almost all docketed filings since 1998 (applications, interrogatory responses, correspondence, briefs, etc. in pending and closed cases and hearing transcripts in cases closed more than 15 days). These documents may be viewed or printed and are searchable. Certain documents, including large maps or documents not available to the filer in electronic form, are not posted on the website.
Members of the public may view documents at PURA offices during regular business hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary. However, due to the volume of the PURA records, documents that are not currently in use are moved to off-site storage. It usually takes two business days to retrieve documents from storage. Therefore, if the documents are older, in particular, if they were filed in a docketed case that was decided more than 60 days ago, it is a good idea to call ahead to make sure the documents will be on site. (Call 860-827-1553 and ask for the Executive Secretary’s Office.)
Making a Request
Freedom of Information Requests for documents from PURA under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act should be made by accessing In situations where someone has limited internet access, a request can be submitted by alternative means by contacting PURA’s FOIA Administrator by written correspondence, email, or telephone as follows:

Jeff Gaudiosi
Executive Secretary
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
10 Franklin Square
New Britain, CT 06051
Charges for ordinary paper copies are $0.25 per page and $0.50 for double-sided documents. The charge for certified copies is $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for subsequent pages. The fee for copying public records through the use of a hand-held battery operated electronic scanning device is $0.25 per page, but shall not exceed the sum of $20.00 per visit.  If documents are available in an electronic format, PURA will e-mail documents or provide them electronically upon request. There is generally no charge for electronic copies of documents.
Confidential Documents
Some documents in PURA's possession are exempt by law from public disclosure.  Examples of such documents include documents containing trade secrets,  or proprietary commercial or financial information, security manuals or reports, and water supply plans that may result in a security risk to a water company if made public. Exempt documents are treated as confidential, and may be under a Protective Order of PURA accessible only to those persons named in the protective order and under the procedures specified in the Protective Order. PURA will not make these documents available to the public.
Content last updated April 2023