Supplier Diversity Program Certification

Apply in 3 Steps

Step 1: Register in the Federal System for Award Management (SAM).

SAM registration is FREE and valid for 1 year. Visit to register for All Awards as a small business. You will receive 2 numbers from SAM: the Unique Entity ID and Cage Code. BOTH numbers are required to complete the Connecticut supplier diversity application. This step applies to for-profit companies only. Not-for-profits will skip this step.

Does your company qualify as small? To determine this, SAM uses the SBA’s Table of Small Business Size Standards. Size standards are matched to industries described in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Each NAICS code has a small business threshold based on revenue or number of employees. Find your NAICS code here

Need help registering in SAM? There are several options for FREE assistance:

  • SAM Help desk: 866-606-8220
  • Federal Service Desk: SAM user guides and FAQs
  • SAM step-by-step guide. Videos are also available:
  • Small business organizations assist in completing the Federal registration process with FREE advising services:
    • CT Small Business Development Center (SBDC): Request assistance here.
    • Minority Construction Counsel (MCC): Serves construction companies only. Call 860-882-0675.
    • APEX Accelerator - CTPTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Center:  Request assistance here

Step 2: Complete Connecticut's supplier diversity application.

State certification is FREE and valid for 2 years.

  1. Create an account on Biznet.

  2. Click on Doing Business with the State.

  3. Click on Supplier Diversity Application and choose either initial or recertification application.
  4. Fill out the requested information and upload copies of supporting documentation as requested.
  5. Once complete, navigate to the final tab, Click Here to Upload Documents and Submit. Click the button at the bottom of the documents list, fill out the affidavit, and submit.

Need help applying? Our team is available to help in English and Spanish.

  • Email us:
  • Attend our monthly Small/Minority Business Enterprises (S/MBE) Hands-On Certification Clinic in Hartford for help with SAM and Biznet. See details and upcoming dates on our calendar

Step 3: Check your email for additional information requests.

Applications are reviewed in the order received. Additional information may be requested and/or companies may be subject to an onsite review during the application process.

All communication happens through email so make sure to check your email regularly! If your company does not respond to requests within a two-week period, the application will close and you will need to re-submit.

If eligible and approved for certification, you will receive a link to the online certification document.

Once certified, if your company makes any organizational changes, you must communicate these changes in writing to the DAS Supplier Diversity Program Team. We will determine if the change(s) impacts your company’s certification eligibility as defined by the Connecticut General Statutes and/or applicable regulations. Failure to communicate changes may result in de-certification or denial of re-certification to the program.