School Construction Cost Estimate Filing Requirements and Procedures


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All school construction project grant applications must include a competed Estimate of Probable Costs, known as the Public School Construction Cost Database (PSCCD) through the State of Connecticut's BizNet website. Only one (1) Design Team member or Local Education Agency (LEA) representative on the proposed school project will be allowed access to the database.

The person responsible for access to the PSCCD through the BizNet link must contact Tim O’Brien at (860) 713-6478 or Timothy.O' to receive an access code for the PSCCD database.

Welcome to the Public School Construction Cost Database (PSCCD)


A general overview of the requirements to access the system are provided below.

The PSCCD is accessed at the following web address:

  • You can follow the website instructions (and the manual) to create a new state BizNet account (unless you already have one) that will allow you access to the PSCCD.
  • After the administrator enters your email address into the system, you should have access to projects, after gaining access to the PSCCD.
  • If you are starting use of the PSCCD after the stage of the project at which the Grant Application form would be used, the PSCCD allows you to do this. 
  • However, in addition to what the manual covers, before you begin filling out the “Design Development Estimate” or “Construction Documents Estimate” form, you will need to first enter the “Grant Application Phase Cost Estimate” form.
  • If this is the case, the only thing you will need to do in the Grant Application form is to enter the “Square Footage of Construction” in the field with this label, appearing on the left side of the gray header at the top if the web form.
  • You do not need to fill out anything else on the Grant Application form.
  • Once the Square Footage of Construction value is correct, you can click the “Signoff and Submit” button at the bottom of the Grant Application form and then move forward with working on the form appropriate to the stage of your project at which you are beginning to use the PSCCD.

There is a new feature in the PSCCD that was created to improve the cost reporting process. There are new ‘Save and Continue” buttons added to the PSCCD forms that enable you to save your work and continue to remain on the form you are editing, rather than be referred to the summary page, as the manual presently describes.