Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology


The Commission for Educational Technology is empowered by the General Assembly through CGS § 61a to envision, coordinate, and oversee the management and successful integration of technology in Connecticut's schools, libraries, colleges and universities. As part of its responsibilities as the state's principal educational technology adviser, it designs and stewards the State Educational Technology Plan that helps ensure equity of access to technology-based learning solutions. The State Plan includes initiatives across five focus areas:

  • Technology-Enabled Learning
  • Digital Equity
  • Competencies
  • Sustainability
  • Data Privacy and Security

Its 24 appointed members represent the interests of the Commission’s core constituents in K – 12 schools, institutions of higher education, and libraries. The work of the Commission stems from its core vision and mission:

   That every learner in Connecticut benefits from the full potential of technology to support personalized and impactful teaching, learning, research, and advancement.
   Design, steward, and promote policy, programs, insights, and resources that support the effective use of technology for all learners and educational organizations in Connecticut.