DAS Construction Services - Summary of Environmental and Energy Services

Related Resources

Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA):

Connecticut Environmental Policy Act Manual (August 2017) 

Generic Environmental Classification Document (revised effective 03/02/2021)

CT Office of Policy & Management CEPA Web site

Environmental Monitor (official web site for CEPA notices)


Environmental Reviews and Pre-Planning Studies:

DCS Environmental Planning: 01/23/14 Civil Engineers' Workshop Presentation (PDF, 57 MB)

3030 Checklist for Permits, Certifications and Approvals

Consultant’s Procedure Manual

CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) – Permits and Licenses

CT DEEP – Environmental Quality – Main Page

CT DEEP Air Quality Management

CT DEEP Stormwater Management

CT Department of Transportation - Office of the State Traffic Administration

CT Department of Economic and Community Development - State Historic Preservation Office

United States Army Corps of Engineers


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Support:

DCS Boundary and Topographic Survey Requirements

Presentation to the Department regarding in-house GIS capabilities (June 2009)

Storm Response and Recovery Assessment Group - Final Report (March 28, 2012) (7.1 MB)

Storm Response and Recovery Assessment Group - Final Report Appendix A: Questionnaire Responses (12.3 MB)

Storm Response and Recovery Assessment Group - Final Report Appendix B: Examples of Maps and Figures Used During Storm Events (19.5 MB)

Connecticut GIS User to User Network

CT DEEP Maps and GIS Data



University of Connecticut (UCONN) – Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR)

UCONN Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC)

UCONN and CT DEEP Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO)


Environmental Site Assessments and Property Transfer:

CT DEEP - Site Characterization

CT DEEP - Site Characterization Guidance Document

CT DEEP - Remediation-Site Clean Up

CT DEEP - Remediation – List of Permits

CT DEEP - Remediation – List of Forms

CT DEEP - Property Transfer Program

CT DEEP - Voluntary Remediation Programs

CT DEEP - Information for General Public / Home Owners

CT DEEP – Waste Management


Underground / Above Ground Storage Tanks:

CT DEEP - Underground Storage Tanks

CT DEEP - Underground Storage Tanks Petroleum Clean-Up Program

CT DEEP - Underground Storage Tank Clean-Up


Energy Information:

Eversource Business - Save Money & Energy

Eversource – Energy Efficiency Programs

United Illuminating Energy Information

CT Energy Efficiency Fund

Energize Connecticut

CT DEEP Energy Main Page


Sustainable Design:

Connecticut Building Standard Guidelines Compliance Manual for High Performance Buildings

Capital Projects High Performance Building Guidelines (Manual 0450)

High Performance (Green) Building Standards for State Agency Buildings and School Buildings.

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

CT Green Building Council

CT Green Bank

CT Energy Efficiency Board

U.S. E.P.A. Energy Star

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP): US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Association of Energy Engineers

U.S. Green Building Council