The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Unified Communications Division provides telecommunications, end-user device support and Enterprise collaboration services to the State of Connecticut’s Executive Branch agencies.
  • Enterprise Voice Over Internet Protocol
Voice over Internet Protocol service provides the State of Connecticut with the opportunity to reduce telecommunications expenditures through the replacement of obsolete systems and the consolidation of data and voice connectivity. The DAS/BITS Unified Communications Division manages the deployment and maintenance of the State’s Enterprise Voice over IP platform. The service is maintained within the State’s two secure data center environments and allows agencies the ability to connect with SIP or TDM-based carrier connections. Funded by the state’s IT Capital Investment Program in 2013, the platform currently provides services to DDS, DSS, DHMAS, OPM, DCP, DOT, DMV, OSC, DoRS, WCC and the new State Office Building at 450 Columbus Boulevard.
  • Traditional telephone and toll services

The DAS/BITS Unified Communications Division manages operational relationships with carriers providing telecommunications services for Executive Branch agencies.

  • Contracts

In collaboration with the DAS Procurement Division, the DAS/BITS Unified Communications Division prepares and evaluates competitive bids, proposals and contractual mechanisms in place for use by Executive Branch agencies.