Statewide Data Center Facilities


DAS Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) provides data processing center services in our Tier II redundant data centers located in Groton, Connecticut (GDC) and Springfield, Massachusetts (SDC). This service provides customers with a fully flexible, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, reliable and secure data center hosting facility that is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) multiple Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Remote Power Panels (RPPs), achieve concurrent maintainability for all power / cooling components and distribution systems. Redundant utility service providers and back-up Generator support are also available. The GDC & SDC have been built to account for maintainability, modularity and 24x7 availability. The flexible design allows for faster deployment, evolving technology, IT vendor-neutral high-density data processing center solutions.