Enterprise File and Print


Our Enterprise file and print services leverage the built-in capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Server platform to provide our customers with a single secure, highly available and flexible solution to meet your agency’s file storage and printing needs. Both of these services share the following

  • Is part of the state’s data center ecosystem, providing a secure and highly available environment.
  • Leverages the data center’s virtualization and storage services to further enhance reliability.
  • Is available 24 X 7 X 365, including critical incident response.
  • Customer support is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Our File and Storage Services:

Our File Services enables your employees to have the flexibility store and manage and share their documents using the power of an enterprise-class service.

  • “Home Directory” services for individual user accounts.
  • The ability to delegate the administration of your agency’s file services to individuals within your agency.
  • Migration Services to help your agency move from a private file server environment to the enterprise.
Our Enterprise Print Services:

Our Print Services enables your employees to have the flexibility to directed printed output to any network-attached printer, recognized by our service. As allowed by a user’s security permissions, they may even be able to direct printed output to print at another physical location.

Use of our Enterprise File and Print Services has the following limitations:

  • Access by your agency staff to content on the file server or use of our print services from outside the state’s secure network will require the use of VPN.