Battery Electric Bus (BEB) Projects and Partners

Electric Bus LogoThe Connecticut Electric Bus Initiative is a partnership between the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) and CTtransit. It will showcase Connecticut’s commitment to providing a reliable, safe, sustainable, clean energy transportation system.  Incorporating electric transit buses into its existing bus fleet transitions bus operations away from fossil fuels, reduces air pollution caused by diesel combustion and creates a brighter tomorrow for all of Connecticut’s residents. For more information about electric buses in Connecticut, visit CTDOT's e-Bus Initiative page.

As of October, 2021, each CTtransit division has an electric bus project under way:

CTtransit New Haven & Stamford Service Areas - Purchase of Twelve (12) Battery Electric Buses

This project will purchase twelve (12) BEBs with associated electrical modifications and charging infrastructure for both the CTtransit New Haven and Stamford service areas. This project leverages $4.9 million in 2018 Volkswagen NOx Mitigation Trust funding administered by CTDEEP, $10.2 million in CTDOT funding using a combination of FTA 5307 Federal funds and State matching funds, and a $6.7 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Bus and Bus Facilities Program to modernize the Stamford bus depot. The total estimated project value is $21.8 million.

This competitive bid process will purchase 12 BEBs and charging equipment. The buses will be manufactured by New Flyer and the DC fast-charging equipment is being supplied by ABB. Infrastructure upgrades will include new electrical switchgear to accommodate increased electrical loads, upgrades to existing fire suppression equipment and fifteen (15) 150 kW bus chargers. In addition, the Stamford depot will see additional improvements to additional building systems. Bus delivery and facility upgrades will be completed by Fall, 2021.

For this CTtransit project, CT DEEP is grant administrator, CT DOT is grant recipient and project manager, CTtransit is specification developer and bus operator, Wendel Architects is facility and electrical designer and Center for Technology and the Environment (CTE) is a technical advisor.

Photo of Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz welcoming CTtransit New Haven's first electric bus

Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz Welcomes CTtransit New Haven's First Battery Electric Bus

As of October 22, 2021, the CTtransit Hamden garage has only the fire suppression improvements remaining for completion. One of the ten buses ordered for the CTtransit Hamden garage has been received and commissioned, while nine more buses were nearing completion at the New Flyer bus manufacturing facility in Crookston, Minnesota. Three of the ten electric bus chargers in Hamden have also completed final testing and are in service. The CTtransit Stamford garage has just broken ground on major improvements to support the bus electrification effort, with construction completion expected by summer 2022. The two buses for Stamford had started initial assembly at the New Flyer plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and are expected to be completed and delivered to Stamford by March 2022. Five electric bus chargers purchased for Stamford are also scheduled to be installed and operating by March 2022.

CTtransit Hartford Service Area - Charging Infrastructure for Six (6) Battery Electric Buses and Three (3) Autonomous Driving Electric Buses for Demonstration on CTfastrak

This project will retrofit an existing building to be capable of charging six (6) BEBs, the first three of which are being acquired for an FTA-funded Autonomous Driving Transit Bus demonstration project using the CTfastrak bus guideway between Hartford and New Britain, CT. For this project, up to six (6) ABB fast chargers will be installed in the facility, as well as additions and modifications to electrical switchgear, HVAC, fire suppression, water supply, wastewater outflow and other support systems. 

The autonomous buses are scheduled for delivery in Fall 2022, and the facility upgrades and charger installation will be complete before their arrival. Due to the tight timeline and extent of the work expected, the upgrades are being done as a stand-alone system from the rest of the neighboring CTtransit diesel bus garage. It is anticipated that a new electrical service will be installed to support the DC fast chargers, as well as appropriate HVAC, fire suppression, data communications and wastewater removal infrastructure.

For the CTtransit Autonomous Bus demonstration project, FTA is grant administrator, CTDOT is both the LoNo and Integrated Mobility Innovation grants recipient, CTtransit is the bus operator, STV is performing the facility analysis, Wendel Architects is the facility designer, CalStart prepared the application and will participate in facility analysis, Center for Technology and the Environment (CTE) will be analyzing bus performance, New Flyer and Robotic Research is the electric autonomous bus supplier and ABB is the supplier of vehicle chargers.

As of October 22, 2021, the facilities analysis by STV is in final review, designs for the 6-bus building are approaching the 30% design review stage, the three autonomous buses are scheduled to enter into production later in 2021 and one of the six electric bus chargers has been received and is being installed in a temporary location to support inspection and acceptance testing of battery-electric buses as they are received from New Flyer.

CTtransit Waterbury Division - Battery Electric Bus Deployment

CTDOT will be deploying ten (10) BEBs in the Waterbury Division of the CTtransit system. This will be a one-for-one replacement of ten (10) existing diesel 35-foot buses presently garaged at the Watertown bus depot just north of Waterbury. Equally as important is the preparation of the Watertown facility infrastructure to handle a future 100% electrification of the transit bus and paratransit fleet. Major project elements include a large expansion of the facility’s electrical service that connects it to the electricity utility provider Eversource, installation of facility switchgear and breaker panels to support the charging of the ten (10) BEBs and ten (10) DC fast chargers. The project also includes upsizing of the fire suppression system and other associated facility systems.

This will be the first electric bus project in Connecticut to prepare an entire transit and paratransit depot for eventual 100% electrification. It will also allow CTDOT to test 35-foot BEBs with snow chains that are used during snowy weather in the hilly terrain of the CTtransit Waterbury Division. Also, since the CTtransit New Haven Division is also deploying electric buses, this project will provide a DC fast charging site at the northern terminus of CTtransit’s Waterbury to New Haven bus route.

The total cost of this project is $13,134,600. CTDOT received $7,404,210 in FTA low-no program funding toward the project goals, and CTDOT will leverage $4,575,740 (Federal share: $3,660,592, Local Match: $915,148) in 5307 bus-replacement funding committed for fixed-route bus replacements, as well as committing the balance of $1,154,650 using State DOT bond funds.

For this CTtransit project, the Federal Transit Administration is grant administrator, CTDOT is grant recipient and technical adviser, CTtransit is specification developer and bus operator, Wendel Architects is facility and electrical designer and Center for Technology and the Environment (CTE) is project manager.

As of October 22, 2021, the contract for project management with CTE was being finalized with CTE, and the bus specifications for the 10 battery electric buses was being assembled and reviewed by CTDOT and CTtransit.


Summary of all CTDOT Bus Electrification Projects

October, 2021

  •  CTtransit New Haven Division
    1 BEB delivered, 9 BEB’s on order due to be received by Spring 2022
    10 BEB chargers installed; 3 active, 7 in testing
    Commencing 100% Facility Electrification electrical design
  • CTtransit Hartford Division
    Retrofit of existing Hydrogen Bus Building will house/charge 6 BEBs by Fall 2022
    3 of 6 BEBs will be Autonomous Buses for CTfastrak guideway testing project
    1 DC Fast Charger on order to facilitate electric bus acceptance/testing at facility
    Electrification study to 30% then 100% of facility (300+ buses) nearly complete
  • CTtransit Stamford Division
    $6.7 million Low-No Emissions project underway to support electrification
    2 BEBs on order, delivery expected by Spring 2022
    5 BEB chargers planned for installation March 2022 (3 for future BEBs)
    Charger commissioning and BEB testing to be completed by June 2022
  • CTtransit Waterbury Division
    Low-No Emissions grant received for 100% transit/paratransit fleet preparation
    Funding for 10 BEB’s secured, order to be placed by December 2021
    BEB deployment and testing complete by Winter 2023
  • University of Connecticut at Storrs / Windham Regional Transit District (WRTD)
    Integration of WRTD and UConn fleets into new Windham Bus Depot
    New satellite facility on campus to allow charging with free microgrid-generated electric
    Funding for 3 BEBs secured, orders to be place by December 2021
  • Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (GBTA) 
    2nd phase of Low-No Emissions Grant for BEBs, chargers and facility improvements.
    2 BEBs and 2 BEB chargers active since Fall 2020
    Additional 3 BEBs and 3 BEB chargers ordered Fall 2021 
    Bus commissioning and charger installation complete late Summer 2022
  • Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD)
    New Headquarters site selected 
    Preliminary designs started; facility will house 100% electrified paratransit fleet
  • Norwalk Transit District (NTD)
    Final report and recommendations for 30% and 100% bus fleet completed 
    Major facility upgrade for electrified buses and chargers ready to construct
  • Middletown Area Transit (MAT)
    New combined facility property with Estuary TD acquired with electrification consideration
  • Northwestern Connecticut Transit District (NWCTD)
    Ongoing search for new facility continuing with electrification consideration
  • Statewide Transit Facility Upgrade Plan for Battery Electric Buses
    Evaluate all Connecticut transit and paratransit garages for electrification potential and costs
    Develop Master Electrification Roadmap based on facility needs and funding
    Consultant Notice-To-Proceed Issued October 2021, study complete by Summer 2024.
  • Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) 
    Engaged on Docket #21-09-17, “PURA Investigation into Medium & Heavy-Duty EV Charging”