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Bureau of Policy and Planning
Office of Environmental Planning

Natural Resource Planning Unit
+ Environmental Permitting Unit
(formerly Water & Natural Resources)

Environmental Resource
Compliance Unit
(formerly Water & Noise Compliance)

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General Information

Distribution List
OEP/EPC Distribution List

Planning/Engineering Directive:
Project Permitting and Risks –
Roles and Responsibilities Chart

Environmental Coordination & Permitting Process Maps
Permit Thresholds Guidance Document

Other Policies, Directives, Bulletins, and Programs:
Permit Review and Regulatory Processing Timelines
Assignment of Coordinated Environmental Roles
Interagency Coordination Meeting Guidance
CTDOT's  MS4 Stormwater Quality Management Program

Natural Resource Planning
Performs early screening of Department projects for resource concerns, and coordinates projects with State and federal resource agencies such as National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), U.S Coast Guard (USCG), and DEEP Fisheries and Wildlife Divisions.  Oversees and performs habitat evaluations and coordination required under the Endangered Species Act. Performs wetland delineations and oversees stewardship of the Department’s Mitigation Sites.

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Permit Needs Determination Form

Fisheries Information

NOAA NMFS Essential Fish Habitat

NOAA Endangered Species Act Sec. 7

DEEP NDDB Coordination

ESA Northern Long-Eared Bat (NLeB)

Army Corps Sec. 408 Navigation

Army Corps








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Environmental Permitting Unit
Determines permitting needs for Department projects and acquires permit approvals for State designed projects. Oversees and reviews consultant prepared applications for content and accuracy. Acts as main liaison with federal and State regulatory agencies such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP). Assists in field work associated with wetland and water resource identification, habitat assessments and mitigation requirements.

Permit Plan Sets

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers






CT DEEP Land and Water Resources Division (LWRD)

Note: It is the preparer’s responsibility to use the most up-to-date forms when applying for a permit. Refer to DEEP LWRD Permit Applications webpage for the most recent versions of permit application forms.

Note: The CTDOT Environmental Permitting Unit has developed guidance materials to aid in the preparation of CTDOT applications for DEEP permits.  These guidance materials are available in the Permit Information subfolder to the ProjectWise 03.3 – Environmental Resources folder.

Sample Permit Transmittal Memos/Letters

USACE Permit Application Cover Letter (Word)
DEEP Permit Application Cover Memo (Word)


DOT Hydraulics and Drainage: Permitting Forms and Links

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Environmental Resource Compliance
Performs environmental surveillance of construction activities to ensure compliance with permits; acts as liaison with State and federal regulatory agencies during construction. Oversees mitigation measures during construction. Ensures compliance with applicable State and federal laws and regulations for Maintenance activities across the State. Conducts and oversees the Department’s Noise program including conducting noise studies and maintaining an inventory of noise walls in the State. Acts as the lead Planning unit for stormwater compliance issues and is responsible for planning and mapping aspects of the Department’s MS4 permit.
Eastern Box Turtle

Manuals/Guidance Documents


Specifications/Special Provisions


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  • Seeding
  • Qualified Product List
  • Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Invasive Species

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Permit Compliance Forms & Start Notices

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Construction Stormwater Resources

Low Impact Development (LID)

Construction Stormwater Permit

CTDOT Project Example Registrations

EZ File


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Statewide General Permits and Resources for Highway and Rail Operations





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Engineering Project Coordination
The Bureau of Engineering & Construction’s Engineering Project Coordination (EPC) unit works in partnership with the Office of Environmental Planning (OEP). OEP and EPC work together toward the common goal of preserving environmental and cultural resources through the Department’s capital program.

EPC’s three key roles are:

  • Engineering/Environmental Representation - EPC works to help OEP and regulators better understand Department engineering requirements and processes. EPC simultaneously helps engineers understand the balance between design criteria, funding, schedules and environmental requirements/commitments.

  • New rules, regulations and procedures - EPC reviews new proposals for environmental rules/regulations and procedures from the engineering standpoint and potential implications for the Department.

  • Improving and simplifying processes – EPC works with OEP and regulatory staff on environmental requirements and processes for areas for improvement. EPC works jointly with OEP to develop guidance, templates, sample plans/details, and other tools for engineering staff to ensure project quality, consistency and permit-ability.

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