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CTDOT Announces New State Grant Program to Support Communities in Rural Areas with Needed Infrastructure and Safety Upgrades

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) today announced its new Transportation Rural Improvement Program (TRIP) to support communities in rural areas with grant funding to complete needed infrastructure upgrades. Rural municipalities can apply for grants through their respective Council of Government (COG). The new stand-alone grant program will assist communities with greater than 50% of their population living in a rural area with small- to medium-scale improvements, such as roadway, bridge, and pedestrian improvements.

“CTDOT’s commitment to maintaining Connecticut’s roads is inclusive of communities in rural areas across our state,” CTDOT Commissioner Joe Giulietti said. “This investment will improve safety and increase mobility for residents from our most remote areas in Connecticut. We encourage municipalities to work with their regional Council of Government to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade their community’s infrastructure for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.”

The TRIP program is a competitive grant program supported by bonded state funds through the expanded CTDOT Capital Program. The three-year program will provide $5 million each year for eligible projects.

Eligible projects include roadway, signal, and bridge structural and safety improvements (20 feet or greater) on a functional roadway classification of a minor rural collector road or greater. Additionally, on- and off-road bicycle facilities, sidewalks, and multi-use trails for safer pedestrian and cyclist accessibility are eligible anywhere within a rural boundary.

Connecticut Councils of Government can submit their prioritized applications to CTDOT by February 28, 2023, to the TRIP program at CTDOT.TRIP@ct.gov.


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