State Contractor Vaccination Information

On February 15, 2022, Governor Lamont’s Executive Orders regarding contractor vaccination requirements expired.

However, these requirements remain for contract workers in the health care industry including state hospitals, state nursing homes, and other health care occupations. This page has been updated to reflect this change.

Any questions should be directed to your contracting agency.
Special Act 22-1 requires state contractors to ensure that contract workers in the health care industry, including those working in state hospitals, state nursing homes, and other health care occupations, meet certain COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

State contractors with contract workers who fit this description must submit a monthly attestation through CTsource, the state’s procurement system.


More detailed information about contractor vaccinations and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the State Employee and Contractor Vaccination Knowledge Base


Registered contractors may access the form in CTsource by selecting from the User Menu “My Account” followed by “Account Management”. Expand Account Management to access, “State of Connecticut” menu option “Additional Requirements Attributes”. At the bottom of the Additional Required Attributes page, you will find the form to complete.

If you are not already registered in CTsource or require additional information, please visit our user guide for instructions and more information.