State Surplus Vehicles - State Agency Procedures to Surplus

How To

Process your vehicle(s) to send to auction:

  1. Complete a DPS-29 for each vehicle 
    - Verify the VIN on the DPS-29 with the VIN on the actual vehicle, make sure the MILEAGE is correct**, fill in the CODING section as well, in case your vehicle is sold to another agency, and sign the DPS-29.
    **If mileage is incorrect on your DPS-29 and it results in a title being produced with incorrect mileage, a corrected title will need to be requested.  This greatly delays the sale of the vehicle.
  2. Locate your original Certificate of Origin, Title or court documents if it is a seized vehicle or asset forfeiture (if it is a seized vehicle or asset forfeiture, please be specific as to which).  If you do not have an original Certificate of Origin or Title, you will need to obtain and complete a Motor Vehicle Q-1 form from the DMV, along with a Lost CO Letter.  A Q-1 form is needed for asset forfeiture/seized property vehicles, but a letter is not.
  3. Sign your Certificate of Origin/Title as the seller.  Leave the mileage and the buyer/sold to areas blank on this form.
  4. Email Kristin Wright at the Property Room your DPS-29.  She will enter it in the vendor data system and send you a manifest.  Have the tow truck driver sign this manifest at pickup and keep it for your records.
  5. Make a copy of the DPS-29 for the tow company and give that copy to them when they pick up the vehicle and keys.
  6. Mail completed originals to:
    State of CT DAS State Surplus, 450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1202, Hartford, CT 06103.