Public Auctions for State Surplus Property


  • What is
    Answer: is an auction website specifically for government agencies to sell their surplus property.
  • What will we find on Public Surplus?
    Answer: Everything our state agencies deem surplus except vehicles (which are sold on a different website, unless specifically discussed with the DAS State Surplus Property Program), CPU’s, laptops and CRT monitors (tube style). We are unable to offer those items for sale to the public.
  • What is a Dutch auction?
    Answer: A Dutch auction is one auction listing with multiples of the same item in similar condition which can be claimed all by one buyer or separately by multiple buyers.
  • I have questions about property being offered in an auction. Who can I ask?
    Answer: Please note that 'The State of CT does not answer questions on Public Surplus at this time'.  However, if you do have questions you can email the auction contact (use the link provided on the auction).  If the auction contact has the answers readily available, they will often answer.  If they do not have the answer, or cannot get an answer within the timeframe needed prior to the auction closing, they may not answer.  Again, please note that they are not required to answer.
  • I have a tax exempt number and want the tax removed from my auction invoice. What do I do?
    Answer: Email your tax exempt form to Veronica Coty and she will remove the tax.  Veronica will confirm when the tax has been removed so you can then pay for your item.  Do not pay for your auction until the tax has been removed.
  • What if I change my mind after winning an auction? Or I go to pick up the item decide I don’t want it?

    All our items are listed on the website as being sold “as is” and “where is”, which is why pictures are available to give you a good idea of the property that is available.  Descriptions will include any known faults or damages on an item.

    If you do win something, however, and decide after that you no longer want it, please contact the Auction Contact and copy DAS Surplus so they can relist the auction(s).  Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • What do I need to bring when I pick up an auction?
    Answer: You need to bring your ID and your receipt and show up at the agreed upon date and time.  You also need to bring the correct type of vehicle, equipment and manpower needed to move and load your item(s), based on what you are picking up.  None of that is provided to you at the property location.
  • Do you ship to buyers?
    Answer: No, the buyer is responsible for picking up the items or arranging to have a shipping company come to collect the items, package them and ship them out.  The shipping company would also sign off on the receipt to acknowledge the item was picked up.  The buyer is responsible for contacting the Auction Contact to provide the specific shipping company’s name, if applicable.