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State of Connecticut Announces State Agency Building Moves, Significant Cost Savings


(July 28, 2020 | HARTFORD) – The State is moving several small state agencies from 30 Trinity Street and 18/20 Trinity Street in Hartford to either 55 Farmington Avenue or 165 Capitol Avenue beginning in September and throughout the start of 2021. The state will also be terminating two leased spaces at 330 Main Street, Hartford, and 2275 Silas Deane in Rocky Hill. These offices will also be moved to either 55 Farmington Avenue or 165 Capitol Avenue. These moves are a joint effort between the Office of Policy Management (OPM) and Department of Administrative Services (DAS).


The state anticipates $7.1 million of savings on operating and lease costs over a five-year period. Beyond operating costs, both 30 Trinity Street and 18/20 Trinity Street require rehabilitation to support long-term use and would have required as much as $80 million worth of capital work over the next 10 years. The buildings will be transferred to Capitol Region Development Authority (CRDA) for redevelopment.


“We are always looking for means to save taxpayer dollars, reduce operational costs and manage our assets in the best possible manner,” said OPM Secretary Melissa McCaw. “This move follows a series of others in recent years to consolidate our workforce in new or existing locations, allowing us to reduce expenses and avoid significant capital spending to renovate older buildings. These savings allow for the state to shift our limited resources to other key areas, effectively managing our operating and capital budgets, as well as the real property assets we control- which is essential to maintaining the public’s trust.”   


“These moves are a part of our long-term efforts to consolidate and modernize our operations and facilities that have been moving forward at the state – even during a global pandemic,” said Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe. “Now more than ever, these efficiencies will be critical in supporting our state’s recovery process and will enhance our ability to deliver services. I want to thank OPM and CRDA for their support and collaboration.”


"The buildings provide an opportunity to accelerate a larger public private partnership known as Bushnell South where former state parking lots were transferred in 2018 to the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) for redevelopment. Coupled with CRDA’s ongoing development of a new district garage as well as recent private acquisition of 55 Elm for residential/mixed use development by the Spinnaker Group, the Trinity Properties provide the next phase to rebuild the neighborhood along Bushnell Park, ultimately stretching into the south end of Hartford and the hospital district.” stated Mike Freimuth, CRDA Executive Director.


While many employees can work remotely, there are some tasks performed by these agencies that are unable to be accomplished outside of their office space.  All COVID-19 precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe. 


It is anticipated 163 employees from Office of Chief Public Defenders, The Board of Firearms Examiners, Judicial Selectmen Commission, Office of the Child Advocate, the State Contracting Standards Board within the Office of Governmental Accountability, State Elections Enforcement Commission, Department of Administrative Services Print/Mail services, The Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity, the Freedom of Information Commission, and Office of State Ethics will be affected by these moves- which are to begin this fall.


The moves planned for 165 Capitol Avenue will be paid for by savings realized in the construction costs of the State Office Building renovation project and will be made available as the initial project there ends.


Funding for the moves to 55 Farmington Avenue will be paid for out of the funds set aside for minor capital expenditures. The office space only requires minor modifications to suit the new tenants.