File School Construction Change Orders


All school construction change orders or construction change directives must conform to the terms and conditions outlined in FORM SCG-3047 Change Order and Change Directives Bulletin, and FORM SCG-3050 Bulletin of Common Change Order Ineligibilities. A complete change order submission consists of:


The Auditors of Public Accounts:

The Auditors of Public Accounts provide independent, unbiased and objective opinions and recommendations on the operations of state government and the protection against waste, fraud, and abuse. As the state’s important fiscal watchdogs, the Auditors of Public Accounts serve the legislature, the public and the media to inform them of areas of concern in state government.


If you have concerns about procurement, contracting, or business practices of the Office of Grants Administration process, the email address for the Auditors of Public Accounts is and the phone number is (959) 710-5600.