Parking State Owned Vehicles

How To

Applying to Park DAS Vehicle at Department of Transportation (DOT) Facility
  1. Agency Transportation Administrator (ATA) must seek permission by DAS Fleet by filling out the Alternate Parking Location Request Form and sending via an e-mail to DAS Fleet Operations:
  2. Review Department of Transportation facility list of locations
  3. Identify location and meet with the Supervisor at that Department of Transportation (DOT) facility to obtain permission. The facility Supervisor will show you where to park and discuss other site considerations.
  4. Key needed for the DOT facility: Contact Jeffrey Tedesco for the key number needed. Then send the completed DOT facility key request form and DAS Fleet approval email to Michael Morrison.
  5. No key needed for DOT facility: the ATA emails driver name, contact information, the name of the DOT facility supervisor granting the parking permission, and DAS Fleet approval email to David Hartley.

Apply for Permission to Home Garage a State Vehicle