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Vehicles Sitting Idle

The best tip for situations when a vehicle is not being used for an extended duration – DRIVE IT!

One of the best things agencies and drivers can do to ensure their vehicle doesn’t encounter any issues from sitting dormant for an extended period is to simply take it out for a few minutes every couple of weeks. Driving the car:

  • Burns off any internal condensation that’s forming in the exhaust, engine, and fuel tank.
  • Allows the battery to recharge, which cuts down on the possible need for a road service call for a jump start, or a visit to the garage to check the battery which more often than not has recovered and is returned to normal after the drive in.
  • The tires won’t get any flat spots if you park them on different surfaces of the tires every time after the vehicle has moved.
  • Brake rotor surface rust will not build up which can cause a sound of metal-on-metal when braking as well as pulsations.

Instructing drivers to operate their vehicles for 15-20 minutes every couple of weeks will help avoid situations like the above.  Please notify fleet staff of those vehicles that may already be experiencing these effects.

If you have any questions, please call a fleet garage nearest you for guidance!

New Haven Fleet – 203-397-4590

Norwich Fleet – 860-885-2153

Wethersfield Fleet – 860-529-0500

After-Hours Road Side Assistance – 1-877-454-4204