DAS Construction Services - RFQs for Construction Manager at Risk Services


The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services (CS) selects Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) firms for certain State Building Construction Projects using a “Best Value Selection Procedure”. 

  • The Best Value Selection Procedure begins with a CMR “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ).
  • DAS/CS evaluates each CMR’s RFQ submittal to determine a “shortlist” of the most highly qualified CMR firms. 
  • The shortlisted CMR firms are invited to respond to a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) and attend a “Selection Presentation” (interview).
  • The RFP consists of Project Information, “Qualitative Criteria Components”, and “Sealed Cost Proposal Components” and must be submitted by the due date by each of the shortlisted CMR Firms.
  • Each CMR’s Qualitative Criteria Components submittal and Selection Presentation is evaluated, rated, and scored.
  • Each CMR’s Sealed Cost Proposal Components submittal is publically opened, evaluated, and combined with the scores from the Qualitative Criteria Components submittal and Selection Presentation.
  • All of the CMR Proposal scores are compared to determine the “Lowest Cost Per Unit Of Quality”.
  • The CMR Proposal with the Lowest Cost Per Unit Of Quality is deemed the “Best Value” Proposal.
  • The CMR Firm whose proposal provides the best value to the State is recommended for selection to the DAS Commissioner, who then determines the final CMR selection