Tangoe New Wireless Device and Services Ordering Process


This process defines the new wireless device and services order processing steps for all wireless vendors (Sprint, ATT Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile).  It is imperative that the correct vendor’s template is selected.

Task Input Requirements:

Prior to executing a new wireless order please gather the below required information.

  1. Employee’s first and last name (as it appears on their employee paycheck)
  2. Employee’s Employment Identification Number
  3. Physical address of the employee work site (for the Entity field)
  4. Primary and Secondary Points of Contact (if available) (Full Names and contact numbers) –
  5. Cost Center (Formerly the Agency/Allocation code from TBMS, formatted as 3 digit agency mnemonic, “-“, and allocation code, i.e.; DAS-000).
  6. Shipping Destination, where delivery of initial items will be shipped to
  7. The agency’s wireless vendor account number
  8. What is the user requesting?Wireless device, plan, any additional services/features, and/or accessories.
  9. Product schedule for vendor you are ordering services from.