The System Administrator will be able to manage all aspects of the agency website except for management of permissions and creating new workflows. The System Administrator role includes the following functions:

NOTE: System Administrators have all the same content authoring rights as a Content Author and Content Approver

  • Create Folders
  • Change Folder Settings
  • Move Folders and Pages
  • Delete Folders and Pages
  • Assign Workflow to Folders
  • Create a New Page
  • Edit an Existing Page
  • Create a Dynamic List
  • Tag Pages and Lists
  • Preview a Page
  • Publish a Page
  • By-Pass Approval Process to Publish a Page
  • Edit the Agency Landing Page
  • View all Content in a Workflow State
  • Have Final Approval or Rejection of Content prior to going Live
  • Approve or Reject Content in place of a Content Approver